So I learned something new today. I'm terrible at writing! It's been so long since I've written anything besides a facebook status, an evaluation of a patient, or a text message! As I "find my voice" on this blog, the blurbs will be short and I'll jump right to the recipes. 

There are a ton of reasons why bone broth is amazing and healthy. You can read about those here, on Sean Croxton's website. My favorite reasons for making it are that it tastes delicious, is filling and makes you feel great, and can be used as the base for soups!! There are a ton of ways to make broth but the one I like the most involves using a whole chicken (I prefer chicken broth to beef broth).  This method was introduced to me by my friend Lindsay :) 

Read the bold for the simple version of this recipe. For details, refer to all text.

One whole chicken (I prefer Whole Foods Organic 365 brand if I can't get one at a farmer's market)
*Optional: chicken backs, necks, feet
**Optional: garlic, onion, carrots, celery
2T apple cider vinegar
sea salt to taste
A big pot filled with water

First wash off your chicken. Second, thank him for giving up his life so he can be delicious and nourishing to you. haha ;) Then put the chicken and giblets in the big pot and fill with filtered water. Turn the heat up to high. Add a generous amount of salt (I will probably end up saying this a million times but I NEVER measure! I will try my best to estimate) and the apple cider vinegar (The vinegar is essential for helping to extract the nutrients out!) 

Then cover and let the water come to a boil. Turn down to a medium, medium-low heat for 2 hours so the water doesn't boil over. Make sure it stays covered or all of your broth will evaporate! After two hours, take the chicken out of the pot and with forks (not fingers! you will burn yourself and I speak from experience!) pull all the meat off the bones. The bones should come right out. You should put any bones and fatty inedible pieces back in the pot to continue cooking. **HINT** eating this chicken sprinkled with just sea salt is like CRACK. It's so juicy and flavorful despite the fact that it was boiled!! Try not to eat it all so you can use some in your soup!!

Re-cover pot, turn heat to low, and let cook for another 2-8 hours. The longer the better. I let mine cook overnight! 

*Note: You can add the chicken backs, necks, and/or feet to the pot to cook with the chicken for a more gelatinous/flavorful broth. If you wanna keep it simple, skip this :)

**Note: Some people add garlic, onion, celery, carrots or a combination of those to their broth. I like to keep mine plain because like I said, it can easily be the base to any soup this way. If you will just be drinking it plain, you may consider adding in some veggies to add some extra flavor.



Mira Weisenthal
11/03/2013 7:18am

I'm trying this today!! Can't wait!


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